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X-ONE Full Cover Extra Strong Matte – for iPhone 11 tempered glass 9H

Strengthened X-one tempered glass with a matte surface reflecting light reflections – recommended especially for players. The glass covers the screen with the curves of the display. The glue on the entire surface ensures perfect adhesion. The glass is covered with a special matte coating that reduces the formation of light reflections. Thanks to the effective reflection of sunlight, it provides excellent readability of the screen, which is especially useful when playing games and working hard ond long on the phone. High shock absorption makes the glass extremely durable, ensuring maximum protection of the display against damage. The high hardness factor prevents damage and makes the display scratch-resistant, also with sharp objects such as a knife or keys. Quick reaction to touch ensures comfortable work. Glass covers the entire screen, including the curvature of the display, and the glue on the entire surface makes it adhere perfectly to the screen leaving no air bubbles. Oleophobic coating ensures transparency of the screen and resistance to fingerprints and dirt. Properties: Glue: on the entire surface Screen coverage: covers the entire screen including the curvature of the display Material: Japanese Asahi Glass with matte surface Thickness: 0.3 mm Appearance: with black frame Oleophobic coating: yes Special properties: high image clarity, increased durability, excellent touch response In set: – tempered glass – wet cloth – dry cloth – positioning stickers



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