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Tempered Glass Blue Star for camera lenses – APP IPHO 11 Pro 5,8″

Blue Star 9H tempered glass for camera lenses. Thanks to the extremely low thickness of 0.3 mm is completely undetectable and invisible. Provides 100% the value of image quality. Glass protects the camera lens against cracks, scratches and damage. Excellent adhesion thanks to the whole glue surface means that no dirt or dust accumulates under the foil. The transparent coating ensures comfort of using the phone camera and the oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints. The set included elements necessary for self-assembly with special stickers to facilitate proper placement of glass. The edges of the glass are rounded – safety guaranteed. Properties: Glue: On the whole surface Thickness: 0.3 mm Material: Tempered glass Protection level: Very high The set includes: – film – cloth to remove dust wipe the screen degreasing – cleaning cloth to remove air bubbles – set of stickers to enable precise positioning of the glass on the screen





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