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RAZOR könyv XIAOMI Redmi NOTE 12 5G kék készülékhez

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1 722.00Ft

A luxury Razor Book is a guarantee of phone security in a prestigious style. Reinforced rims, soft inner material, and a magnetic clasp protect the device against scratches and knocks.

Safety all over
The unique Razor case will be a perfect addition to your smartphone in any situation. Reinforced rims, extra camera protection, and magnetic clasp ensure that the device remains safe and will not fall out of its holder regardless of the circumstances.

Functional interior
The cover is designed for convenient storage not only of a smartphone but also of frequently used documents. The inner pocket can accommodate a credit card, ID, or a small piece of paper, e.g. a shopping list, so you do not have to take your entire wallet everywhere.

Exclusive look
The carbon, dark-colored cover refers to the design of sports cars and gives the device an elegant character. The inner material is so soft that it additionally protects the display against damage, while the honeycomb pattern on a rubber part supporting the phone highlights the aesthetics of the entire case.

Material: PU leather (outer side), microfiber (inner side with a pocket), TPU (inner side supporting the phone)



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