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POLYMER BOX akkumulátor iPhone 13 3227 mAh-hoz

4 526.00Ft

Polymer BOX battery designed for iPhone models. Made with maximum precision, ideally suited to the dedicated model. A series of tests confirming its safe operation. Made of lithium-ion cells using the latest technologies including laser welding and precise automation. Battery life is 800 charge / discharge cycles. Research has shown that even after 500 charge cycles, the Polymer BOX batteries still showed 80% capacity . In the same study, standard batteries reached 75% after just 120 cycles. The battery contains dual IC protection system, which on the one hand controls the stability of the current flow between the battery and the phone, and on the other with an accuracy of 1% indicates the real charge indicator of the device. This makes the user ready to connect the charging device and will not be surprised by his sudden shutdown. The battery has a number of protections: against overcharging, discharge, short circuit and thermal protection. Works efficiently in high and low temperatures. The kit includes mounting tapefor easy installation of batteries. The tape is very durable and has been tested with a tension force of up to 5 kg. Specification: Cells: li-lon Dual IC protection chip Without memory effect Number of cycles: 800 Mounting tape included



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