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NITRO tok iPhone 14 Plus készülékhez fekete

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The Nitro hybrid case with armored design guarantees full phone protection in various situations. A built-in ring, whose magnetized surface works well with magnetic car holders, allows you to keep the device more securely, and also serves as a stand for watching movies.

The armored look of the Nitro case, maintained in dark aesthetics, will surely appeal to people who like military design. The magnetic ring built into the case’s back makes it easy to hold the phone and prevents from slipping out of your hand, and it can be used as a stand while watching movies. This grip works well with magnetic car holders. 

The Nitro cover helps you take care of the safety of your smartphone and prevent damage when dropping from a height or scratches as a result of frequent use. The anti-shock TPU material and durable PC create a combination that guarantees not only high-level protection but also long-term durability. The cushioning interior of the case protects the smartphone against scratches and distributes the impact force in such a way that the phone stays unharmed. Its solid edges with cutouts for ports have reinforced rims, so you can be sure that the device will remain covered on all sides.

Material: TPU + PC


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