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METALLIC tok SAMSUNG A14 5G / A14 4G rózsaszín

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1 503.00Ft

The unique Metallic case made of TPU guarantees full phone protection in various situations. The shimmering surface gives the device an elegant character.

The case with a metallic finish and a solid, satin color fits into the universal aesthetic, which highlights the style of the device and catches the others' eyes, regardless of tastes. Moreover, this cover helps you take care of the safety of your smartphone and prevent damage when dropping from a height or scratches as a result of frequent use.

The TPU material is thick and quite flexible to put conveniently on the phone so that guarantees a high-level protection. The interior part of the case—tiled with microfiber—protects the smartphone against scratches. Its solid edges with cutouts for ports make you sure that the device will remain covered on all sides.

Material: TPU (outer part), microfiber (interior)
The case has full camera coverage with cutouts for the lens.


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