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Bőr védőborító iPhone 14 Plus lila splash készülékhez

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Elegant case with a strong magnetic ring, made of ecological leather. Dedicated to iPhone users who want to take full advantage of the MagSafe wireless charging capabilities. It is available in the colors of the iPhone models.

MagSafe – convenience and safety
The MagSafe technology in the iPhone 12 series and newer allows you to quickly charge the smartphone while using it. However, most cases do not support this technology, which means that in order to use a car or desk mount, it is necessary to remove the case from the smartphone each time. The Leather Mag Cover is fully compatible with the MagSafe technology – it allows you to conveniently place and charge your smartphone in a holder or power bank, without using cables.

Strong magnetic ring
Compared to similar products on the market, the Leather Mag Cover has an exceptionally strong magnetic ring. This has a direct impact on safety – a stable grip in the car holder ensures that the smartphone will not fall out while driving, and in the desk holder or selfie stick it ensures convenient and comfortable use.

Design is also important
Leather Mag Cover was made with attention to detail. The magnetic ring has been carefully hidden under the material, and the ecological leather looks elegant and modern. The colors of the cases have been selected with iPhone users in mind – the case is available in colors similar to the colors of the iPhone models, which allows it to be matched to the selected model. The case is packed in an aesthetic packaging.

Smartphone protection at the highest level
The case protects the smartphone from damage associated with everyday use. It effectively protects against scratches. Raised rims around the camera island additionally protect the lenses. The case inside is lined with microfiber for even better protection of the delicate housing of the smartphone.

The product is also available in other color variants.

Depending on the intensity of use of the product, it may be natural for the material used to show the outline of the magnetic ring over time. This is a natural phenomenon and has no effect on the functionality of the case, it is only an aesthetic issue.


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