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HOCO tempered glass HD Shield series full-screen – for iPad 11″ black (G17)

Hoco tempered glass from the HD Shield series is a unique product designed to protect the full iPad screen. Made of durable 0.33 mm thick glass, it provides an impressive light transmittance of 92%. Precisely matched to the actual dimensions of the device, it guarantees full screen protection. Additionally, the plasma coating protects against scratches and is hydrophobic and oleophobic, making the glass easy to clean.

The medium aluminum used in the glass provides not only exceptional hardness, but also excellent light transmittance. Thanks to this, the image on the iPad screen is clear, and at the same time its surface remains perfectly protected against everyday damage.

The concept of full screen protection, based on accurate device data, makes Hoco tempered glass perfectly adhere to the iPad screen, protecting it comprehensively. The plasma coating not only effectively protects against scratches, but also prevents the deposition of water and grease, which makes it much easier to keep clean.





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