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DUX DUCIS protector NAAD for LCD Paper Like Film SAMSUNG Tab S9 Plus/S8 Plus/S7FE/S7 Plus

Dux Ducis Naad is an innovative LCD screen protector that revolutionizes the way you interact with your tablet screen. Its unique paper-like structure provides users with a unique experience that resembles writing or drawing on real paper. Thanks to the slightly matte surface and special coating, the protector not only protects the screen, but also does not damage the stylus grip, ensuring smooth and precise movement.

The black frame of the Dux Ducis Naad protector does not stick or attract magnetically, which, combined with the innovative nano-vacuum adsorption technology, guarantees stable and secure attachment to the tablet screen. Installation is extremely easy and bubble-free, and the included “small ears” stickers are included. facilitate precise placement and possible removal of the foil.

What’s more, Dux Ducis Naad is reusable – the protector can be easily removed, cleaned and reapplied, which makes it an extremely practical solution. If you prefer to watch movies in high resolution, the protector can be easily removed and stored in a safe place, for example in a clip. Although it is possible to use the protector directly on the tempered glass film, it is recommended to apply it directly on the original tablet screen to fully exploit its protective and usable potential. Dux Ducis Naad is the perfect solution for everyone who values protection, functionality and a natural experience of writing or drawing on their device.

Model: Dux Ducis Naad
Material: unique paper-like structure
Features: reusable




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