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Disco LED izzó Mini Party light RGB forgó E27 LBMPL

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1 413.00Ft

Rotating LED RGB Disco bulb with E27 thread. It needs strong colors.

The RGB LED bulb simulates a rotating disco ball known from clubs. Three powerful color LEDs (red/blue/green) and 360° create a unique combination of light to make any home party take on an amazing atmosphere.

The bulb has a standard, large E27 thread. This allows for easy and quick installation in a chandelier or lamp.

The bulb with no “blinking” effect light emits a constant, fatigue-free, and non-flickering light CRI:RA>80

Power: 3 W
Type: RGB LED 1 W each (red/blue/green)
Rotation: 360°
Light angle: 180°
Power supply: 230 V
Thread: E27
Material: PP/PS
Size: Φ78 x 142 mm
Weight: 95 g
Model: LBMPL