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Kombinált szelfi állvánnyal az élő közvetítéshez LED vakuval és mikro- és távirányítóval TL-49T

3 601.00Ft

Set with a tripod, phone holder, microphone, LED lamp, and Bluetooth remote control. It will be perfect for vlogging, making video calls, interviews, streams, recording videos and podcasts, or taking photos.

An adjustable desk tripod with a phone holder allows you to stabilize the image while moving and also allows you to record static shots.

Noise-canceling microphone for clear, crisp, directional audio

LED lamp with 3 brightness levels allows you to illuminate the scene being recorded.

A Bluetooth remote control allows you to start or stop video recording and take a photo remotely.

The kit is designed for easy use and quick setup. Perfect for vloggers, podcasts, live streams, YouTube, and more.

The set includes:
– holder / tripod on a tripod
– smartphone holder with adjustable arms
– microphone with anti-interference filter
– LED lamp with adjustable intensity lights
– Bluetooth remote control
– microphone cable
– USB cable


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