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Bestsuit Flexible Hybrid Glass for GoPro 9 sorozat (3 az 1-ben)

LiveCar kuponnal ingyenes

1 425.00Ft

Hybrid glass with high light transmittance to the GoPro camera screens. High transparency and anti-reflective coating ensure excellent quality of photos and videos, and the low thickness ensures comfortable use. The glass covers the entire surface of the camera, not just the lenses. High durability provides excellent protection against scratches. Full-surface glue and an additional anti-dust filter protect the camera from dirt. Transparent anti-reflective coating and high light transmittance guarantee perfect color reproduction, ensuring great quality of photos and videos. The unique combination of materials: tempered glass with a thickness of 0.2 mm and PET film makes the glass practical imperceptible and guarantees full precision of touch. Oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints. The glass includes elements necessary for self-assembly. Once applied, the glass adheres perfectly to the watch face, leaving no air bubbles. Properties : Glue: on the entire surface Material: Hybrid of tempered glass and PET film Thickness: 0.2 mm Appearance: 100% transparent Oleophobic coating: yes Special properties: high light transmission, anti-reflective coating, anti-dirt filter In set: – tempered glass – wet cloth – a dry cloth – degreasing stickers