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Bestsuit Flexible Hybrid Glass 5D Samsung Galaxy A54 5G készülékhez

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1 768.00Ft

Super-flexible hybrid glass from Bestsuit, which covers the entire surface of the screen with curves. Good adherence makes it perfect for phones with curved display. The unique combination of 0.38 mm thick tempered glass and PET film makes the glass both hard and flexible – it can be bent up to 180 degrees! Thanks to this flexibility, the edges of the glass do not deteriorate and do not break, extending its life. The glass does not thicken the phone and fits most cases perfectly. The edges of the glass are rounded, which guarantees safe use. The Full Glue feature, i.e. glue on the entire surface, ensures perfect adhesion. High transparency ensures perfect clarity of the image, and the oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints. The glass includes elements necessary for self-assembly. After application, no air bubbles remain under the glass, and no dust and dirt accumulate. When removed, the glass leaves no traces on the screen. Properties: Glue: On the entire surface Screen coverage: Covers the entire surface including the curvature of the display Material: hybrid of tempered glass and PET film Thickness: 0.38 mm Appearance: Available with a black or white frame Oleophobic coating: yes Super-flexible, full-glue surface, great image quality In set: – tempered glass – wet cloth – a dry cloth – anti-dust stickers – spatula smoothing the surface of the glass – cloth with a Nano Coating layer