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5D Full Glue Camera Tempered Glass – for Samsung Galaxy S24 Black

Durable tempered glass for the entire rear camera system. Perfectly protects against damage. High transparency ensures the original quality of photos and videos.

The construction of the camera system in the latest smartphones resemble small piece of art. Smartphones have ever larger lenses protruding above the housing, which can be easily damaged. For demanding users has been created special tempered glass, which protect not only the lens, but also the entire rear camera system from damage.

Tempered glass with a high 9H hardness effectively protects your smartphone's camera from mechanical damage and scratching with sharp objects. High transparency does not affect the image quality, which ensures the original quality of photos and videos.

The glass is only 0.3 mm – it does not thicken the camera system and fits easily under the case. The glue on the entire surface makes the glass adhere precisely, preventing dust and dirt from getting under the lens.

The edges of the glass are rounded, which guarantees safe installation and everyday use.

Material: 9H tempered glass
Screen coverage: covers the entire camera system including curves
Glue: on the entire surface
Thickness: 0.30 mm
Appearance: transparent





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